How to access the dark web

At a time when it is becoming more and more accessible and transparent, why do not you think you can get it online?
Imagine that anything you consider illegal can only be one click on your keyboard. Sounds may be impossible, but not. Research has shown that only 4% of Internet content is available to us, and 96% hidden in the dark memory of the Internet.
How to get to such a memory is revealed in our article.
Dark Web or Dark Net is a subset of the Deep Web and such sites sell many illegal substances that we can not otherwise get easily. The FBI continues to investigate this type of crime today, and if you are thinking of getting into the dark waters of the Internet, take good care of what we write in this article.
Never leave your personal information, the numbers of the cards where your residence is located, your surname, year of birth or images are also your right. Do not use access to your personal information and may be the reason for your threat.
The first step is to find a VPN (virtual private network) and you can easily access them on certain pages. When this is done, use the TOR as a search engine, and do not accidentally use someone else because you will be promptly received and caught by the police. If you have a TOR Browser, update it if you have used the right IP address, which makes it very easy to find.
The VPN app is a great application that will be able to hide your identity on darknet. Use a good VPN with the help of pages that you can easily find.
Again, we repeat, and do not accidentally use personal information and browsers that everyone uses. TOR is a great choice that can protect your identity. Anonymity is very important because without it you can be deprived of liberty.
When you did everything that we wrote to you, your purchases can begin. Bitcoin is the most commonly used currency in the purchase on the dark web. But be careful because you can not even send money directly from your account because of the data that can be very easily associated with you. Neither TOR is 100% sure to turn off JavaScrip.
But what else has to be excluded?
Do you have a camera and you think it’s off? It’s not. The FBI has a way to shut down your camera and see what we all see and when it’s turned on.
Do you have a microphone? Be sure to remove it because it can also be turned on very easily.

And what is Deep Web?
This is a site that does not essentially sell anything that is illegal. But the difference is from the ordinary network that can not be located with the help of ordinary browsers.
Curiosity is really a fascinating thing. Be careful where you can take you. Surely one thing, many of us are at least wondering what we can buy on such networks? The availability of all these products can indeed be a dangerous thing that is hard to follow, but beware. Do not let your curiosity lead you in some ways that you were not even sure that you wanted to meet, and when it’s too late, the door to return will be closed. So be careful what you want, maybe it will come true.